Hello and thanks for visiting the Australian Dive Hookahs website.

My name is Russell de Groot and I am the sole owner and operator of Australian Dive Hookahs PTY LTD.

Fishing and the sea have always been in my blood after having grown up on Bruny Island, off Tasmania’s south-east coast. When I was just four years old, my father taught me how to fish, and ever since, I’ve received so much joy by providing freshly caught seafood for my family.

I was first introduced to diving by a good friend many years ago. From then on, I started diving on many different systems (with some success and some failure), until I purchased my own second-hand dive compressor. After having too many issues with the compressor, I threw it out and started researching how to build my own.

With the help and guidance from professional abalone divers in Tasmania, Australian Dive Hookahs are designed and manufactured to be extremely safe and reliable in almost all conditions. I believe that I have developed the safest and most affordable dive hookah on the market.

All the materials used in the manufacturing of an Australian Dive Hookah system are made from the best quality resources, welded and assembled in Tasmania at the highest standard.

Australian Dive Hookahs are designed so that both commercial and recreational divers can dive with peace of mind, knowing they will be as safe as possible doing their job as a professional diver or having fun on the weekend with mates.

When purchasing a product from Australian Dive Hookahs, you can expect exceptional customer service and advice, with the same quality service for after sales care.

Australian Dive Hookah encourages safe diving. Please review the safety information in the footer.